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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Chai Tent Goes to Bondi Beach

The Chai Tent recently, went on an impromptu journey south to Sydney.
Mark McMurtrie rang Michael, asking "What are you doing next weekend?" and so, with no further ado we set off on Thursday 20th at 4.30am following Michaels birthday, when he woke himself at 3am to cook 16 cakes by 9am and spent the day packing the trailer and truck.

We were off to set up The Chai Tent along with 2 large marquees to create a venue for an Historic event...... Daragule Tribal Council......inviting Elders from around the Continent, to attend a the Re-Convening of the  Federation of  Original Sovereign Tribes.
A Parle-ment (Speaking of the Mind), Ceremony, to bring the Nations together as one. To recognize the Sovereignty of all Originees.

After a long and round-about trip, picking up the two marquees from under the mountains behind Cessnock, we drove a 3 vehicle convoy  right thru the middle of Sydney at 11.30pm, to our then destination, La Perouse.
Not knowing exactly where we were to set up we waited opposite 3 security guards and multiple rabbits munching the grass short.
Only to learn that we were not allowed to set up there, due to the wishes of a 27 year old from Kempsey ?? off to find a motel near the Airport, (knowledge of nearest location, courtesy from the security guards).
First one full ! sets our 3 vehicle convoy again, to locate second possibility, courtesy Ron Gardiner's GPS.
2pm and we had hysterics trying to log in to motel via a touch screen at the locked door, and needing to find out if they had wheelchair access for Ron.

The next morning, after a lovely scenic tour around LaPerouse and the private Golf Course,we learn from Mark, about the debacle surrounding La Perouse and are directed to come down to Bondi Beach ( Buundi , pronounced Buwundi) !

Aaaaah , we think " An Excellent location for The Chai Tent ! ( We'll  be able to sell  Chai and Cake to the tourists, and maybe make some money to cover the costs of the trip !)
HahaThink again......although when we arrived at Buundi, the weather was looking clearish and sunny,

the moment we began to set up the first marquee,

the wind decided to begin to show it's power, into what would develop into Gale Force Winds with Torrential Rains,which began pouring later that night.
We virtually had the whole beach to ourselves, excepting the surfers,  the Bondi Beach Keep Fit Club, and the Iceberg Swimmers Club, all weekend.

At least by the time the rains did start, we had managed to set up the Chai Kitchen beneath the Blue and White striped Marquee

It was an awesome place to be...... and the weather, despite making it a tad harder for us ...... did tend to bring all those attending, that much closer together.

After a morning of heavy rain,the skies began to dry up, as the People arrived from the Dawn Ceremony at Barramattagal,

The fire was kindled at the Dawn Ceremony  of The Spirits, held out at Barramattagal  (Parramatta), an Historic site where the British  orders were given for the capture and beheading of  Pemulwuy ,an un-relenting warrior hero.
See here for a short video of the weekend

The skies began clearing, and by the end of the first umbrella-'d circle, we had joined our combined Energies, and made a Hole in the Clouds for the sun to get thru, 

The afternoon was blessed with a fine day for the Dancers to Dance on the grassy hill of Buundi

I didn't manage to get any photos of The Men and Boys Dance, as I was then caught up again in the kitchen marquee. You can see some stunning photos of them  here at Mathew Flower's FaceBook page photos of the event.

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