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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Chai Tent at Nimbin's 18th Mardi Grass

Friday and all set to go except for two loads of couches from Lismore Tip Shop.

Colourful preparations by many willing volunteers.

First load of couches

And we're all set up and very comfy with the couch haven in the back.
Sunday after the big parade.
Nimbin Environment Centre was brought into the centre of things this year, instead of being way down at the end of the Peace Park.

Mardi Grass colours

The Fabulous Gunja Faeries, continue their dance all the way from the Police Station.
Heidi the Brave, spells out The Naked Truth !

The Stage was just thru the little Marquee

And we had many Angels come and wash mugs with us 
Thankyou all who came and lent a hand.

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