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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Slideshow of Chai Tent Photos

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Click the Full Screen icon on the lower right hand corner once it appears, then
move the cursor up a bit, out of the way, put on some music, and enjoy the show.

Just some of the more recent photosfrom the Chai Tent's 28 year history.
I must scan some of the older photos in, ........ one day !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Appology 13th February 2008

Here is a link to the ABC's program 'Message Stick', shown on tonight's show, that shows the set upof the Rainbow Chai Tent down at The Aboriginal Tent Embassy last year, with the wonderful Johnny Huckle's music playing in the background,

For those who have not seen it it shows the valuable role the Chai Tent played as a central meeting, gathering, talking place for indigenous folk from around the country

Monday, February 2, 2009

Protest At The High Court, Canberra

Yesterday 2nd February supporters of 12 Elders from Alice Springs, down for a High Court Legal Challenge and Land Title rights case, protested the High Courts decision to reject the legal challenge to the NT Intervention.
From this video, it looks to have been a peaceful protest, with the majority of people walking into to the Courtroom in protest at the Negative descision. Justice Michael Kirby, was the only member in support, on his last day in office.

While the protsest was noisy, it was peaceful, it was the AFP, targeting one man in particular, not everyone, that seems to spark things up into a bit more of a kefuffle.
Whether this man was known to them, or whether they were just picking on one, as an example, is not clear.
What is clear. to me is they were not asking they same request of those nearby. The snippet shown on TV news last night said "Violence errupted...." but all I can see is people trying to help some one being singled out, trying to help him from undue force.

Students from around the country, have been gathered in Canberra for an Environmental Facilitator Training Camp. Today, along with members of The Climate Camp, they joined, some 2,500+ people from Sydney, Broken Hill, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and elsewhere, gathering in front of Parliament House, to highlight the Need for Changes in regard to our Climate.
With the large numbers, they managed their objective. and encircled Parliament House.
Calling on The Government to increase the 5% Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, to a 20% Reduction, at least, to actually achieve some Positive Changes in regards to our environment.
They then walked to the Rainbow Chai Tent down at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, where lunch and refreshments were served, before another contingent, of Climate Concious people returned to New Parliament House, for another rally.
There was some brief footage shown on 2 channels in the 11am and 11:30am News, but no story. Lets see what they deign to tell us on the evening news !