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Monday, January 25, 2010

The First Australians

My thoughts are with the descendants of The First Australians today as the country celebrates January 26th  Invasion Day, Sovereignty Day, Survival Day,  Australia Day,

May we all weave webs of connection that bring us all together with the strength and binding of a spiders web , unseen at times but always rewoven.

It is also my niece Shantala's birthday, conceived many years ago as the Chai Bus journeyed around Australia on The Peace Train.

                               May there be Rainbows after the Storm

Blessings to everyone, may we all have a united,  connected, Australia........and give each other the recognition we all deserve.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January at The Channon Market

Another very hot day was had by all at The Channon's January Market, and as there was no rain we packed up a dry tent at 9pm, yay!! to the musical accompaniment of those drummers who play on into the dark.

JennyRose, one of the Australian Rainbow Legends, who was one of the first rainbow T-shirt and leggings, painters back in the early '80's, still creating and setting up beside the Rainbow Chai Tent.

As the shadows lengthen, providing shade from the intense heat and humidity the folk come out to play, the drums get going and jugglers and twirlers, enjoy the atmosphere.

I tired to load a video I took on Sunday, but having my camera set on large format they were all too large to load here, but Benny has just forwarded me a YouTube link from Dan, (Thanks Dan !!)
Here is the link to the Youtube video of the drumming circle.

And another shorter one I found nearby from September ?

December Channon Market